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Clarion Law provides legal services in the following categories:  

Outsourced In-House Counsel:  We manage your day-to-day legal affairs and outside law firm relationships serving as your outsourced general counsel in a cost effective manner.  In this way, we supplement your existing big law firm services rather than replacing them. 

  • Advise sales, finance or other company departments on legal issues and risks, complex deal structures, intellectual property, and negotiation strategy

  • Review, draft and negotiate vendor agreements, equipments leases, consulting agreements, employment agreements and other miscellaneous agreements

  • Advise on contract terminations, renewals, interpretations, amendments and possible litigation matters

  • Review and advise on issues relating to stock option and other equity compensations plans, stock issuance and other securities related matters

  • Advise on board issues and general corporate matters

  • Advise on employee hiring, termination, and disciplinary and other human resources matters

  • Advise and implement improvement of standard form agreements and legal processes

  • Summarize and communicate legal concepts for use by business people

  • Special projects as requested 

Licensing and Commercial Transactions and Strategic Partnerships: We draft, negotiate and close for our clients revenue deals, licensing agreements and commercial transactions with both individuals and entities helping clients generate revenue and other business opportunities. 

  • Technology development and joint development agreements

  • Distribution agreements including sales, OEM, VAR and affiliate agreements

  • Software license agreements, including support and services

  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances

  • Manufacturing Agreements

  • Content license agreements

  • User agreements and privacy policies

  • E-commerce agreements

  • On-line advertising and promotion agreements

  • Joint marketing agreements 

Business Formation, Structuring and Corporate Governance: We advise management on appropriate structures for emerging companies. Among the issues we routinely address are choice of entity, corporate capitalization structure, protection of intellectual property and business model planning and strategies. 

  • Company formation and financing

  • Corporate governance

  • Executive compensation/employment 

  • Employment, compensation, and benefits

  • Intellectual property due diligence  

Intellectual Property:  We provide guidance on a variety of intellectual property issues.    

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Counseling to protect trade secrets, copyright, trademarks, patents and inventions

  • Review of inbound and outbound intellectual property contracts to determine compliance and ownership

  • Dispute resolution

  • Litigation strategy and management 

Venture Financings and Mergers & Acquisitions: We provide guidance for entrepreneurs and companies seeking capital, technology or manufacturing resources, and we represent companies engaged in the sale or merger of their businesses and related corporate restructurings and reorganizations.   

Investor's Counsel: We have significant experience serving as investor's counsel in venture  financings.  We work  closely  with our venture  capital  clients  and    angel investors on these transactions from the term sheet stage to the closing in an efficient and effective manner.

International Business: We assist our clients in international joint ventures and equity transactions. We also represent companies outside the U.S. that are seeking access to technology or partnering relationships and strategic alliances with U.S.-based businesses.


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