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Clarion Law is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to high technology and emerging growth companies from their inception to maturity in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Clarion Law maintains expertise in the legal specialties needed by most early stage technology companies, including technology licensing and corporate partnerships, entity formation, equity compensation, venture financings and mergers and acquisitions.  We aim to provide our clients with the practical tools and advice that protect their corporate interests and match their business objectives to help them succeed in today's competitive economy.

At Clarion Law, we understand our clients' desire to obtain high-quality legal services in a cost-effective manner. We achieve this goal by retaining only the highest caliber attorneys with extensive experience who serve as trusted counsel to our clients, avoiding over-lawyering, keeping our operational costs low and maintaining a good understanding of our clients' businesses. 

     Clarion Law provides legal services in the following categories:    

  • Outsourced In-House Counsel

  • Licensing and Commercial Transactions and Strategic Partnerships

  • Business Formation, Structuring and Corporate Governance

  • Intellectual Property

  • Venture Financings and Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Investor's Counsel

  • International Business


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